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46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883



At E




A No.

Accidental and Life Insurance, abstract for

1882 Ub

Accidents on G.T. R ............ 76a

Accidents on I.C.R 40i

Administration of Justice, claims of the Pro- vinces , 119

Adulteration of Food 4

Agents, duty on, by Registrar of Supreme

Court - 63

Agricultural Implements, &c, imported into

Manitoba and N.W.T.. .• 103 to 1036

Agriculture, Annual Report . 14

Albert County Court..... 67a

Albert (Port) Harbor .... 46e

Allan Line and I.C.R. Freight Tariff for

season 1882-83 .....39 & 89a

Appropriation Accounts 6

Appointments, Civil Service , 13a. 21

Auditor-General's Report 6

Award, Ontario Boundary 95

Baie de3 Chaleurii Railway Co., subsidy to.. 121

Bailiffs), Dominion, appointment of. 62 & 62a

Baker, David, appointment cf. ,. 110

Banks, shareholders of. 19

Banque de St. Jean. , . 34

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 44

Batteries, "A."' and UB, " No, instructed, &c 31e

Batteries "A" and " B," officers staff.. 56a

Bayfield Harbor . ..., 46/

Belgium, commercial arrangements with. ... 89

Bernatchsz, N., tobacco seizure ....... 35a

Berthier, camp at, in 1882 . ....... 31/

Blackeby's Report 16

Blankets for Militia 316

Bonds and Securities ...... 25

Boundary Award, Ontario ' 95

Bounty, claims for fishing 37, 37c

Bounty to fishermen.. .„ ., 37c

I Brae, Prince Co., P.E.I... 52c

Brandy Pots and River du Loup Semaphores 74

I Brazil, trade between Canada and 98

BreakwaUrs « 52 to 52c

Breakwaters, New Harbor, N.S...,. 52a

do Port Lome, N.S ,. 52

Bridge at St, John, railway 47 & 47a

British Canadian Loan and Investment Co , 73 British Columbia Coast, H.M. Ships of war on 106

British Columbia, Constitution, &c 70

British Columbia, immigration into ....93,93a

British Columbia Penitentiary .,,..,» 29a

BritLh Columbi i, Pilots and Pilotage Ill

Buoys and Beacons, Lake Huron..,.,.. 87

Bur:a,s, Baptisms and Marriages 44





27'« 69

Cadets, Royal Military College

Callander and G-ravenhurst, railway be- tween, subsidy to ......... ..................... 121

CampbeHton,steainer connecting with I.C. R 40k Canada Central R'y acquisition byC.P.R....

Canada Central Railway, Pembroke bonus .

Canada, ordnance for............ 116

Canada, railway map of. 8a

Canada trade with West ladies and Brazil. . 98

Canadian Extradition Act 32

Canadian Pacific Land Bonds ........ ...27c, 27/

Canadian Pacific Railway 27 to 27r, 69

Canadian Pacific Railway Commission. ...... 27a

do do map of, &c,.. ....'. 27c

Canadian Statutes .....17 to 176, 28

do Tobacco... o5 & 3:*a

Canadian Vessels in the Great Lakes, dis- asters, &c , C8

Canal Statistics 4

Canals 4, 81,83, 105 to It 6c, 109

Canals and Railways, Annual Report 8

Canal?, Public Debt incurred for 109

Cape Breton Constitution, &c 70

Caraquet Railway Co., N.B., subsidy to ..... 121

Carillon and Grenvilie Canal 105 to 1056

Cartridge Factory, Quebec 93

Census and Statistics 24

Charybdis, H.M.S - 120

Chinese Immigration into British Columbia. 93a Civil Service, appointments and promotions 13a

do Examiners' Report 13

do Montreal. ,..-* 136

Claims against Intercolonial Railway. 406

do for Fishing Bounty 37

Coal Lands, Norif.-West, sale and lease of. 366

do Lands, regulations for ... 36a

do quantity exported ..... 36c

do do from N.S 36

Cockburn, James, Q.C., commission to ....17 to 176 Collisions on I.C.R 40/

Colonization Grants.

117 84

89 7


Commercial arrangements France,Spain, &c

Commissioner of Fisheries, Report of

Commissioner to France

Commission, Intercolonial Railway 406

Commission to James Cockburn, Q.C......17 tol76

do revise Canadian Statutes.. 17 to 176

Consolidated Fund, expenditure and receipt

charged to 30

Constitutions, &c, of C.B., N.S., P.E.I.,

N.B., B.C. and Vancouver Island 70

Construction, C.P.R., progress of... -• 27<i

Contracts A. and B., C.P.R., change of con-

iction 27p

46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

a. m •■''

C No.

Contracts, C.P.R 27i

County Court Judges, increase of salary .... 676

County Court, JJew Brunswick 67

County Courts . 67to676

County Courts, Kings and Albert 67a

Court, Maritime 68 & 68a

Credit Valley Railway, C.P R. interest in... 21n

Credit Valley Stock* 27a

Crimiaal Statistics for 1881 14

Customs Department, Montreal .136,49

Customs Duties paid by C.P.R 27m

do refunded at Toronto 91

Dauphenee, Jas., claim of .... 115

De la Chevrotiere, Mr. 0. 0 , 51

Digby, N.S., wharfages at 79

Dionne, , Doctor's bill for attending 40e

Disasters to Canadian Vessels in the Great

Lakes . .'. 53

Distilled and Fermented Liquors imported

and manufactured .. 59

Distribution, Canadian Statutes 28

Dominion Bailiffs, appointment of 62 & 62a

Dominion Police, expenditure of 18

Dominion Statutes 17 to 176, 2S

Drawbacks, manufactured goods exported... 45a

do do iron do ... 45a

Drawbacks, shipbuilding materials 45

Drill Shed, lona , 50

Drugs, analysis of .., 4a

Duties on Salt 65

Duties paid by C.P.R. on imports 21m


Eastern Extension Railway, N.S. 4.0J

Ecuador, commercial arrangements with.... 89

Egypt, do do .... 89

Election, General, 1882-83 77 & 77a

Estimates, 1883-84 1

Estimates, Supplementary, 1832-83 .. 1

Estimates, Supplementary, 1833-84 1

Estimates, Further Supplementary, 1883-84, 1

Examination of Mates 7

Eacise, Montreal 136

Expenditure, British Columbia Penitentiary 29a

Expenditure, Dominion Police 18

do and receipt charged to Consoli- dated Fund ' 30

Expenses and Revenue, I. C.R 40a

Expenses, unforeseen 22,42

Exports and Imports last half 1882 92

Extradition Act, Canadian 32

Fabre, Hon. Hector, Commission to France. 60

Factory Labor 16 & 16a

Fermented and Distilled Liquors, imported

and manufactured 59

Fermented and Distilled Liquors, materials

used in 59

Field Battery, Richmond 31c

Fitth Cenerai Election 77 & 77a

Fines and Seizures 38

Fipes exacted and how disposed of. 38

Fire Insurance, 1880 to lo82 inclusive, in

Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton,

Ottawa II .iiifax, St. John, tf.B

Firn and Maiine Insurance, abstract for 1882


Fibheriei and Marine, Annual Report Fisheries, Commissioner's Report

Fisheimop, bjunty to.



37 to 37e




F Nc

Fishery Inspectors, instructions as to salmon 3'

do seizures made by 3'

Fishing Bounty Claims 37,3'

Fishing Leases or Licenses in N.B 3

Fishing, Lobster, close season 3

Fog-Whistles, Shelburne Harbor

Food, Adulteration of 4 &

France, commercial arrangements with

do Commissioner in

Freight Sheds and Warehouse at St, John,

N.B,, I C.R 4^

Freight Tariff between I. C.R. and Allan

Line for Season 1832-83 39 & 3

Freight Tariff, Western Division, C.P.R 2

Frontenac Terrace, Quebec..,.. 1

Gaspe, Petition of the Fish Merchants of. ...

Gaspe, steamer connecting with I. C.R

Gatineau Valley Railway Co., subsidy to.... 15

General Election, 1882. 77 & 7

General Election, 1882, list of Returning


Genii, request of the Master of, to release


Germany, commercial arrangements with... J Germany, steamship communication with...

Gtendon, steamer to replace the !

Goodwin, Jas., amount paid I

Government Lien on G.T.R 765, 7

Government Survey, Lot No. 133, Manitoba 1<

Governor General's Warrants 26,

Grain and Products of Grain

Grand Trunk Railway 76 to 7 kg,

Gravenhurstto Callander, railway between,

subsidy to

Great American and European Short Line

Railway Co., subsidy to

Greece's Point, Grenville Canal 105a, 10

Grenville and Carillon Canal. .....10j to 10

Halifax and Cape Breton R'y and Coal Co...

Halifax, Fire Insurance in, from 18<i0 to 1882.

Halifax, troops in

Hamilton, Fire Insurance in, from :t80 to 1*82

Hamilton & North-Western Railway, pur- chase of shares by G.T.R

Havelock and Petitcodiac, N.B., railway be- tween, subsidy to »....

Hebert, H., fraudulent practices

Heney, Stewart & Co , Contractors. 105a & 10

H.M. Ships of War British Columbia Coast..

Hudson Bay ..'. -

Huron Lake, buoys *nd beacons

Hydrograpkical Survey

Immigration - 93 to S

Immigration into British Columbia 93,

Implements, agricultural, imported into

Manitoba aad N. W.T 103 to 1|

Imports and Exports, last half 1882

Indian Affaire, Annual Report

Indian Agency, Manitoba ,

Inland Revenue, Annual Report.

Inland Revenue, Montreal

Instruction Staff, Royal Military College....

Insurance 12tbl

Insurance, Report of Superintendent.

Intercolonial Railway 40 to 402,

do " Commission


Life- W

d Live Lou Lobs

Lota kkt Lyoi


46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883

I No.

Intercolonial Railway subsidy to » ,. 121

Interior, Department of, Annual Report 23

International R'y Co., subsidy to 121

Intoxicating Liquors..... 59 to 596

Iona Drill Shed .. .. 50

Iran manufactured, drawback on if exported 45a

Jamaica, commercial arrangements with. ... 89

Jewish Refugees trom Russia 93c

Judges, Oounty Court, increase of salary.... 676 Justice, administration of, claims of the

Provinces 119

Kaministiquia River, C.P.R. terminus 27r

Ketchum, fl. G C, claim on I.O.R 402

Kings County Court < 67a

Labor in Factories 16 & 16a

Lake Huron, buoys and beacons 87

Lake of the Woods, steamers for 114

do St. John Railway 90

Land Bonds, C P.R ; 27c, 27/

do for colonization 84

Land Improvement Fund 20

Land taken in St. John for I.CR 40A

Lands, C.P.R 27A;

Lands given to Canada by Imperial Govern- ment 113

Lands, Ordnance 82 & 82a

Lebel, Dr., account of 40c

Legislation in P.Q., proposed, affecting

Liquors 59a

Library of Parliament, Annual Report 15

Life and Accidental Insurance, abstract for

1882 126

Life-Saving Stations 112

Lighthouse at Quaco 57

Liquors, distiiled and fermented 59

do sale of 59a & 596, 61

Liverpool Bay, breakwater at 526

Loan and Investment Co., British Canadian 73

Lobster Fishing, close season 37c

Location Eastern Sectioa, C.P.R 27/

Luke's Report 16a

Lyon, Mr. J. A 122


Mail Service, between Canada and G.B....39 & 39a Manitoba, agricultural implements imported

into 103 to 1036

Manitoba Indian. Agency , 123

Manitoba, subsidies for , 108

Manufactured Goods exported, drawback on 45a

Marine and Fire Insurance, abste-act for 1882 12a

Marine and Fisheries, Annual Report 7

Maritime C©urt, Ontario, rules of, *c. 68a

do proceedings of 68

Marriages, Baptisms and Burials 44

Measures and Weights 4

Meridian, prime or standard 48

Militia 31 to 31/

Militia, Annual Report y

Militiamen, 1812 31 & 31a

Miller, J. A., Judge..... 53

Mineral Lands, regulations for the disposal

of 102

Mining Licenses in disputed territory (On- tario) 118

Mining regulations for disposal of other than

coal lands .. 102

Miramichi Valley Railway Co., subsidy to... 121

M No.

Molasses imported by vessels 586

Montenegro, commercial arrangements with 89

Montreal and Western R'y Co., subsidy to... 121

Montreal Customs Department 49

Montreal, fire insurance in, from 1880 to 1882 12c Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway,

acquisition by C.P.R 27re

Moravian and Newfield S.S 101

Morocco, commercial arrangements with. ... 89

Morpeth Harbor on Lake Erie 46^r

Murray Canal 83


McCallum, J. D., dismissal of 110

McCallum, W. D , correspondence concerning 40c

Naval Reserves and Ordnance Lands 82 & 82a

Navigation and Trade, Annual Report 2

Napanee, Tamworth and Quebec Railway,

subsidy to 121

New Brunswick Constitution, &c 70

do County Court 67

Newfield and. Moravian S.S. 101

New Harbor, N.S., breakwater 52a

North Shore Railway, purchase of by G.T.R 76 North- West Territories, agricultural imple- ments imported into... ,. 103 to 1036

Nova Scotia Constitution, &c 70

Ocean Mail Service -. 39&39«

O'Connor, Hon. John , 85

Officers' Staff, " A" and "B" Batteries 56a

Okanagan and Shuswap Canal 81

Ontario and Quebec Railway ,. 27»

do* Boundary Award 95

Ontario Lake, life-saving stations 112

Ontario Maritime Court ,. 68a

Ordnance Lands and Naval Reserves 82 & 82a

Ordnance for Canada lift

Ottawa, fire insurance in, from 1880 to 188 2. 12c

Parliament Library, Annual Report 15

Pembroke bonus to Canada Central Railway 69

Penitentiaries, Annual Report 29

Penitentiary, British Columbian 29a

Perley, Amos, claim of 37o*

Petitcodiac to Havelock, N.B., railway

between, subsidy to 121

Pictou and Truro Branch I.O.R 40./

Piers and Wharves ..* 46 to 46y

do P.E.I., claims for refund

of their expenditure on 46c & 46a*

Pilots and Pilotage, British Columbia..'. Ill

Portage Island 9ft

Port Albert Harbor 46c

Port Lome, N.S., breakwater 52

Postmaster-General, Annual Report.. 3

Post Office, Montreal 136

Prime Meridian 48

Prince Edward Island, Constitution, &e 70

do Railway 86

Products of Grain, and Grain 10O

Promotions, Civil Service .. 21,13a

Provencher, J.A.N., Manitoba Indian Super- intendent ., 123

Provincial subsidy to Quebec 94 & 94a

Public Accounts, 1881-82 . 41, 1

Public debt incurrea forRailways,Canals,&c 109

Public Work?, Aunual Report. 10 & 10a

do De'p't. of, telegram expenses. 124

do General Report, xS67 to 1882 10a

46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 188

it No.

Quaco Lighthouse 57

Quebec and Lake St. John Railway Co.,

subsidy to 121

do Cartridge Factory 99

do City, fire insurance in, 1880 to 1882.. 12c

do Frontenac Terrace.... 113

do Provincial subsidy 94 & 94a

Railway Bridge, St. John 47 & 47a

Railway, Canadian Pacific 27 to 27r

Railway Commission, Canadian Pacific 27g

do Intercolonial 406

Railway, Grand Trunk 76 to 76c

Railway, Intercolonial 40 to 401

Railway, Lake St. John 90

Railway map of Canada...., 8a

Railway, P.E.I.,,. 86

Railway Statistics 8a

Railways and CaDals, Annual Report 8

Railways, public debt incurred for , lf.9

Railways, subsidies to 121

Rainy Lake, steamers for , 114

Rapide Plat Canal 105c

Receipts and Expenditure charged to Con- solidated Fund : 30

Reciprocity between Canada and the U.S.... .55 Registered ships in Province of Quebec, &c. 58a

Renouf, Dr , account of 40?

Reserves, Naval 82 & 82a

Returning Officers, list of 33

Revenue and expenses, I.C.R 40a

Revision Canadian Statutes. 17 to 176

Richmond Field Battery « 31c

River du Loup and Brandy Pots Semaphores 74

River du Loup branch, sale of by G.T.R. 766 to 76c

do & Riviere Ouelle, wharfs at. 75

Rocky and Selkirk Mountains, C, P.R. line in 271

Rolling Stock, Intercolonial Railway 40, 40/402'

Roumania, commercial arrangements with.. 89

Royal Military College 56,56a

Russell v. The Queen ... ... , 80

Russia, Jewish Refugees from 93c

Sailors' application for release,. 72

Sale of Liquor 59a, 596 & 61

Salmon Fishing ..... 376

Saltduties , ..... 65

Secretary of State, Annual Report 11

Sections 14 and 15, C.P.R 27g

Securities and bonds 25

Seizures and fines 38

do at ports of entry , 38

Seizures of tobacco 35a

Selkirk and Rocky Mountains, C.P.R, line in 271 Semaphores, River ciu Loup and Brandy Pots 74

Servia, commercial arrangements witb 89

Shelburne Harbor, log-whistle 66

Shipbuilding materials, drawback on 45

Ships registered in the Province of Quebec,

&c 58a

Short-term prisoners, claim for refund for

maintenance by P.E.I. Government. ,46c & 46d

81 89 81 101 48 24

Shuswap and Okanagan Canal . Spain, commercial arrangements with,

Spellmacheen-Okanagan Canal

S.S. Newjleld and Moravian ,

Standard Meridian ..

t.n ti.- tics and Census

S No,

Statistics, Criminal, for 1881

do railway

Statutes, Canadian, classifying, &c 17 to 11

teamboat Inspection

Stes ners for Lake of the Woods and Rainy


Steamship communication with Germany....

Stewart, John, volunteer of 1837-38

St. Anne (Chicoutimi), wharf at. 4(

Ste. Agathe, Man., claims on lot No. 133.... 1(

St. Jean, banque de

St. Jean Port Jolie, pier at 46 & 4*

St. John, land taken in, for LCR 4(

St. John, N.B., fire insurance in, from 1880

to 1882 1!

St. John Railway Bridge 47 & 41

St. John River, N B 1

St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railway, purchase

of shares by G.T.R

Subsidies for Manitoba

Subsidies to certain railways.

Subsidy, Province of Quebec 94 & 9

Sugar and Syrup imported by vessels

Summerside Harbor .....

Superannuation ,.21 to 2

Superannuation List 2

Supernumerary Clerks, -Montreal Customs...

Supreme Court, amended rule \

Survey, Hydrographical

Suspension of Extradition Act

Tariff between Intercolonial and Allan Mail Line...... .'. 39 &

Telegram expenses, Dep't. Public Works...

Thunder Hay, C.P.R. terminus ..

Timber Licenses in disputed territory (On- tario)

Tobacco, Canadian

Toronto, Customs duties refunded at.

Toronto, fire insurance in, from 1880 to 1882.

Trade and Navigation, Annual Report

Trade between Canada, West indies and Brazil ;... ,

Troops in Halifax

Truro and Pictou Branch LCR

Unforseen expenses

Unsettled accounts with the Provinces

Vancouver Island Constitution, &c

Vessels importing sugar, syrup and molasses.

Vessels, on the Great Lakes, disasters to Canadian

Vessels, registered

Veterans, 1812, deceased since 1875

do surviving 31

do widows of.


Warrants, Governor General's e. ..

Weights and Measures

Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway, pur- chase of shares by G.T.R

West Indies, trade between Canada and ,

Wharves and Piers 46 to 4&g

Whitehead, J03,, Contractor.



5 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883





). 1.


). 2...


>. 3... ). 4...

3. 4a.

J, 5.




Census op Canada, 1880-31, Vol. III.


Public Accounts : For the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1882.

Estimates :— Of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30th Juru. 1884,

Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30th June, 1883.

Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30th June, lb84.

Further Supplementary Estimates of sums required for the service of the Dominion, for the year ending 30th June, 1884.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME No. 2. Trade and Navigation :— Tables of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1882.


Postmaster-General :— Report of, for the year ended 30th June, 1882.

Inland Revenue :— Report, Returns and Statistics of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1882.

Supplement No. 1 :— Canal S:atistic3 for the season of Navigation, 1882.

Supplement No. 2 : Weights and Measures, 1882.

Supplement No, 3:— Adulteration of Food, 1882.

Return to A idrefs (S^nat^) ; Return snowing The various drugs and articles of food, au analysis of which has been made by the official Analyst, and tne Reports thereon.


I>;dian Affairs :— Annual Report cf the Department of, for the year ended 31st December, 1882. Auditor-General :— Report of, on Appropriation Accounts, for the year ended 30th June, 1882.


Marine and Fisheries :— Report of the Department of, for the fiscal year ended 30th June, 1882.

Supplement No. 1 :— Report of the Chairman of the Board of Steamboat In- spection, Esaroiaation of Mutes, &c, fjr the calendar year ended 31st December, 188-'.

Supplement No. 2:— Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries, for the year ended 31st December, 1832.


46 Yictoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883.









No. 10a.















No. 136,

No. 14...

No. 15... No. 16...

No. 16a. No. 17...

No. 17a. No. 176.


Railways and Canals : Manual Report of the Minister of, for the past fiscal year ended 30th June, 1882.

Railway Statistics of Canada : Capital, traffic and working expenditure of the railways of' the Dominion, for the year ended 30th June, 1882, with a map showing the Railways of Canada.

Militia '.—Report on the state of, for the year 1882.

Public Works : Annual Report of the Minister of, for the fiscal year 1881-82.


Public.Wobks :— General Report of the Minister of, from 30th June, 1867, to 1st July, 1882.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME No. 9. Secretary of State of Canada : Report of, for the year ended 31st December, 1882. Insurance :— Report of the Superintendent of, for 1881.

Fire and Marine Insurance Companies : Abstract Statements of, for the year ended 31st December, 1882.

Life and Accidental Insurance in Canada : Abstract of, for the year 1882.

Return to Order : Statement of the to^l amounts of insurance premiums against fire collected and losses pai<i, during each of the years 1880, 1881 and 1882, in each of the followirg cities : Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Halifax and St John, N.B. (Not printed.)

Civil Service :— Report of the Examiners.

Return of the names and salaries of all persons appointed or promoted in the Civil Service during the half-year ending 31st December, 1882, speci- fying the office to which each has been appointed or promoted, in com- pliance with the Canada Civil Service Act, 1882.

Return to Order : Return showing the names, ages and origin of all persons employed in the Customs, Post and Inland Revenue offices at Montreal, fiince 1st May, 1882, to 20th February, 1883, and the salary of each of the said employes ; also the name3 of the employes in the offices of Customs and Excise, on the Civil Service List, as entitled to a pension. (Not printed.)


Agricultube :— Report of the Minister, for the calendar year, 1882.

Criminal Statistics for 1881 :— Appendix to the Report of the Minister oi Agriculture for the year 1882.

Library of Parliament :— Report of the Librarian.

Labor in Factories :— Report (Senate) of A. H. Blackeby on the laws regulating labor in the State of Massachusetts.

Report of W. Lukes on factories in England and Continent of Europe.

Dominion Statutes: Report of the Commissioner to collect, &c., passed by Parliament sine* Confederation.

Return to Address ; Statement in detail of all expenditures made in connec tion with the Commission to the Hon. James Cockburn, Q.C., to consoli date, the Dominion Statutes, and copies of the Commission, and of anj reports made by him.

Return to Address ; Copies of correspondence, Ac, touching the appointmen of a Ccmmissioner in connection with the Revision of the Canadiai



Fo. 2U





16 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883

So. 18... No. 19... ffo. 20...

No. 21.., No. 21a.

No. 216.

No. 22...

No. 23... Na 24...

No. 25... No. 26..,

No. 27...

No. 27a. No. 276.

No. 27c. No. 27a*.

Dominion Police :— Statement of expenditure duriDg the year 1882. (Not printed.)

Banks :— Lists of Shareholders of the Canadian Banks. (Not printed.)

Land Improvement Fund : Return to Address ; Copies of all letters, &c, between this Gov- ernment and the Governments of Ontario and Quebec, from 1st June, 1882, relating to this Fund and unsettled accounts, also a statement show- ing the present balances, if any, due to the said Provinces. (Not printed.)

Superannuation; Statement of name, &c-, of each person superannuated, &c, in accordance with the Civil Service Act, 45 Vic, chap. 4, sec. 55, sub-sec. 3.

Return of £he names of the persons on the Superannuation List, as on 23rd February, 1883, together with the amount of the annual allowances paid each.

Return (in part) to Order ; Statement showing separately for each year since the establishment of the Superannuation Fund : 1. The number of per- sons on the list for the year as entitled to the benefit of the Act. 2. The number superannuated during the year under the Act. 3. The number retired during the year on a gratuity under the Act. 4. The total amount paid into the Fund from the beginning by those who were, during the year, superannuated or retired on a gratuity ; distinguishing between those who3e superannuation was caused by the abolition of office. 5. The number of persons on the list, for the year, who died in the service j and 6. The total amount paid into the Fund from the beginning by those who, during the year, died in the service.

Unforeseen Expenses : Statement of payments charged to, by Order in Council, from 1st July, 1882, to date, in accordance with the Act 42 V., chap. 2, schedule B.

Interior :— Annual Report of the Department of, for the year 1882.

Census and Statistics :— Report, required by sec. 25, of the Census and Statistics Act, of 1879^ of operations and expenses during thecalendaryear, 1882. (Not printed.}

Bonds and Securities :— Detailed statement of. registered in the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, submitted to Parliament, in compliance with the Act 31 Vic , chap. 37, sec. 15. (Not printed.)

Governor General's Warrants :— Statement of, issued since the last Sglsion of Parliament, in accordance with the Act 41 Vic, chap. 7, sec. 32, sub-sec. 2, on account of the fiscal years, 1881-22, aud 1882-83.


Canadian Pacific Railway :— Return to Resolution; Report giving full information on all subjects affecting the Railwav, up to the latest date : 1. The selection of the route ; 2. The progress of the work ; 3. The selection or reservation of land ; 4. The payment of money; 5. The laying out of branches; 6. The progress thereon; 7. The rates of tolls for passengers and freight; 8. The particulars required by the Consolidated Railway Act and amend- ments thereto, up to the end of the previous fiscal year ; 9. Like particulars up to the latest practicable date before the presentation of the Return ; 10. Copies of all Orders in Council and of all Correspondence between the Government and the Railway Company, or any member or officer of either, relating to the affairs of the Company.

Return to Resolution ; Memorandum as to substitution by the Railway of Credit Valley Stock for $1,000,000 cash deposit.

Return to Resolution ; Report of the Company, in account with the Govern- ment of Canada, viz. :— Rails Advance Account, Land Grant Bond Account, Current Account and Subsidy Account. (Not printed.)

Return to Resolution ; Schedule of Correspondence as to Canadian Pacific Land Grant Bonds.

Return to Resolution ; Memorandum of the progress of construction of the Railway, dated Montreal, 21st February, 1883. Also, a map of the 2|| country to be traversed by the Railway. (Not printed.)

... . ±?-M 9

46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 18S3

No. 27e.

No. 27/.

No. 27?.,

No. 21 h. No. 2lL

No. 27.? No. 27&,

No. 27L

No. 27w

No. 27n

Canadian Pacific Railway : Return to Resolution ; Further Report giving full information, not contained in NTo. 27 ; and also, a plan showing lands for expropria- tions of the Railway, extending from the south-westerly side of the village of Prince Arthur's Landing easterly to Current River.

R eturn to Resolution ; Copies of communications of the Railway on the subject cf the allotment and conveyance of lands, as they are earned under the contract.

Return to OrrJer ; Statement, in detail, of all sums expended in connection with the Canadian Pacific Railway Commission, with dates and names of the persons paid, and particulars of the service in respect of which pay- ment is made copy of all correspondence, contracts, accounts or arrangements, not already brought down, as to the printing of the evidence or Report.

Return to Resolution ; Map showing the Railway, as located for construction between Callander and Algoma Mills, 191 miles. (Not printed.)

Copies of contracts for the Railway, in terms of section 19 of the Act 37 Victoria, chapter 14, as follows :

Between Horton & Son and Her Majesty the Queen, etc., for the supply of 72 tons of iron bolts and nuts. (Contract No. 94.)

Between Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss and Her Majesty the Queen, etc, to supply bolts, nuts and spikes. (Contract No. 95.)

Between Guest and Company and Her Majesty the Queen, etc,, for the supply of steel rails and steel fish-plates. (Contract No. 96.)

Between John McDonald and Her Majesty the Queen, etc.. to con- struct six combined passenger and freight buildings on 42nd con- tract. (Contract No. 97.)

Between Colin Nichol Black and the Minister of Railways and Canals, etc., for the supply of 30,000 tamarack ties, 8'— 0 x 7" x 6" at 25 cts. each. (Contract No. 98.j

Return to Resolution ; Location eastern section, Current Creek to Nipigon, and freight tariff, western division.

Return to Order ; Statement of the total quantity of land agreed to be sold by the Company, the total price agreed to be paid therefor, during each month up to the 1st d&y of March, 1882, distinguishing between the sales of farming lands and iho3e of town, village or station lots, woodland, mineral, quarry lands and other special sales, and including the quantities aud prices realized for lands in which the Companv became interested by agreements in connection with the location of stations. (Wot printed.')

Return to Resolution ; Communication from W. C. Van Home, General Manager, dated Montreal, 18th April, 1883, respecting additional infor- mation concerning the line proposed to be adopted through the Rocky

and Selkirk Mountains.

RetMrn to Order; Statement of duty paid by the Company on articles imported by them, from the date of their contract until 28ih February, 1363, specifying the ports of entry of such goods, and the amountpaidat each port. (Not printed.)

Return to Address; Copies of the official memorandum of the Company, h December, 1882, describing its position and prospects. * The after by the Company asking for subscrip- tion ital stock; and all memoranda in connection therewith. Statement showing the amount of the subscribed stock of the Company

■■ital stock from $25,000,000 to $100,000,000, a id ih i u ; I up on such subscribed stock, with the date of each

paym h, and also the amounts (if any), satisfied by the acqui-

irty or otherwise, specifying in such case the consideration therefor and the amount of stock given, and the date. Statement of the facts as to the acquisition by the Company of the Canada Central Railway, the Montreal, Ot;awa and Occidental Railway, and interest in the Credit Valley Railway and Ontario and Quebec Railway. Statement of the various matters required to be returned under the Consoli- dated Railway Act, 1879, arid amendments thereto. Statement of the total sum expended up to tha 1st of February, 1883, by the Company under their contract. 10

I 46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1883





No. 27 q.

No. 27r.





No. 29a.







So. 31b.













Canadian Pacific Railway :— - Return to Order ; Map or maps showing (1) the location of the railway s:> far as approved or constructed ; (2) its location so far as pro- posed to Government, but not yet approved ; (3) the location of any branches constructed and of any now contemplated by the Company, so far as the Government is advised ; (4) the lands set apart for the Com- pany but not yet granted ; (5) the lands granted ; (6) the lands applied for but not yet set apart. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Statement showing the reduction made by change of construction in Contracts A. and B, and the amount involved by such change ; also, the amount of each payment made to the respective con- tractors each month since the letting of the work ; also, all claims made by the contractors on each of these contracts, and the date of each claim. ( Not printed . )

Papers in relation to Sections 14 •and 15, Joseph Whitehead, Contractor. (Not printed.)

Memorandum respecting Thunder Bay and River Kaministiquia.

Dominion Statutes : Official Return of the distribution of, being 45 Victoria, 1882. (Not printed. )

Penitentiaries in Canada: Report of the Minister of Justice on, for the year ended 30th June, 1882.

Supplementary Return ; Expenditure of the British Columbia Penitentiary, for the fiscal year ended the 30th June, 1882. (Not printed.)

Receipt and Expenditure : Return to Order ; Return of, in detail, chargeable to the Con- solidated Fund, from 1st July, 1882, to 1st February, 1883. (Not printed.)

Militia: Return to Order; Statement of the number of Veterans of 1812 now surviving; of the number who have died since 1875. and of the number of widows of deceased who have applied for assistance. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Statement containing the names and residences of all the militiamen of 1812 who received their pensions during the last fiscal year, as well as the sum given to each of them. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Copies of all tenders, accounts, &c, in connection with the purchase of blankets for the militia during the recess. (Not printed.)

Return to Order ; Return of all petitions and correspondence with respect to new guns for the. Richmond Field Battery. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Copies of all correspondence relating to th3 application of John Stewart, of Woodbridge, oue of the Volunteers of 1837-38, for assistance, for his services in defence of his country during those year3. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Return showing the number of officers, non-commissioned officer:! and men who received instruction in "A" and " B" Batteries in each year since their establishment ; the number awarded a certificate of qualification in each year, and the entire cost per annum of each battery for the same time.

Return to Address (Senate) ; Copies of all tenders for work at the camp at Berthier, in 1832, stating the rates of the various tenders, and the names of persons to whom the contracts were awarded, etc. (Not printed.)

Canadian Extradition Ac r :— Return to Address; Correspondence, not already brought down, touching the Act, an i the suspension^ of the Imperial Act within Canada.

Returning Officers :— Return to Order; List appointed for the General Election, 1882, other than Registrars or Sheriffs, occupations and residences of such officers, and a list of ths Sheriffs and Registrars for the Districts in which such officers were appointed.

Banque de St. J^an :— Return to Order ; Copies of the returns, annual and monthly, made by the Baok since 1875, to the Government; also, copies of the certi- ficates granted by the Treasury Board to the said Bank on going into operation. (Not printed.) 11

46 Victoria.

List of Sessional Papers.

A. 1888:

No. 35...

No. 35a.

No. 36...

No. 36a

No. 366

No. 36c

nadian Tobacco : Return to Order ; Retnrn shewing: 1st. The number of licensed tobacco manufactories on 1st February, 1883, in which Canadian leaf is exclu- sively used ; 2nd. The quantity of Canadian leaf used in tobacco manu- factories since the passing of the Inland Revenue Act of 1880, to 1st February, 1883 ; and 3rd. The quantity of cigars and Cavendish pro- duced, respectively, since 1st May, 1880, to 1st February, 1883, in manu- factories in which Canadian Leaf is exclusively used. (Not printed.)

Return to Order; Copies of all documents, &c, relating to a seizure of tobacco on the premises of Mr. N. Bernatchez, and other merchants, of Montmagny. (Not printed.)

Coal :— Return to Order ; Return showing the quantity in tons of coal exported from each port in Nova Scotia for the year ending June 30th, 1882 ; Also, for the six months ending December 31st, 1882, and the countries to which ex- ported ; Also, quantities sent by railway, and by water (separately), to- any ports of Quebec and Ontario, naming places sent to.

Coal Lands; Regulations for the disposal of, approved by His Excellency the Administrator of the Government in Council, on the 2nd March, 1883, substituted for those of the 17th December, 1881.

Return to Order ; Copies for all applications for sales or