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1 Red Kite Milvus milvus

2 Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa

3 Red-billed Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax 4 Zebra Finch TJaeniopygia guttata castanotis

5 Satyr Tragopan Jragopan satyra

6 Asian Fairy-bluebird Jrena puella

7 White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla

8 Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis

9 Sun Conure Aratinga solstitialis

10 Java Sparrow Lonchura oryzivora

11 Common Crane Grus grus

12 Rock Dove Columba livia

13 Nene Branta sandvicensis

14 Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus

15 Village Weaver Ploceus cucullatus

16 White-faced Whistling Duck Dendrocygna viduata 17 Black-naped Oriole Oriolus chinensis

18 Barn Owl Tyto alba*

19 Tawny Frogmouth Podargus strigoides*

*See Avicultural Society visit to Paradise Park in Cornwall Avicultural Magazine 2013 119 (2) 91-95.

Covers designed and crafted using personal images by Reuben B Girling.


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Vol. 123 - No. 4 All rights reserved ISSN 0005 2256

The Avicultural Society



President C.J.S. Marler

Vice Presidents

E Barnicoat (South Africa) Dr. H. Quinque (France) S. Bruslund (Germany) R.L. Restall (Venezuela) M. Curzon MBE (UK) Dr. R. Wilkinson (UK) Mrs. L. Gardner (UK)

Editor L. Davies

Secretary - Treasurer Ms. K. Atwell

Members of the Council

A. Brooker G. Masson

D. Coles S. Matthews P. Convy R. Piper

D. Cullen PG. Schofield R.B. Girling M. Sproule

C. Green J.G. Thurlow C. Kent G. Ward

Chairman N.R. Hewston



The primitive streak for this avicultural resource developed from the initiative of Dave Coles more than forty years ago. It was he, who, with a small group of colleagues within the Avicultural Society, collated from related short lists some extensive annual and, for good measure, secondary lists of UK breeding records of foreign birds achieved by members of the AS and some public collections.

In the formative years, publicity gained through the avicultural press and literature soon brought results and queries from UK-wide bird breeders into Dave’s card-index system. On two occasions since that time, during which the internet and more besides has opened up communications and for some manoeuvres overtaken card-index systems, he has privately printed what is commonly known within UK avicultural parlance as Dave Coles’ First UK Breeding Records. \n 2011 Dave brought in the internationally respected aviculturist Simon Matthews to nurture the records.

Throughout its burgeoning existence, the input of knowledge of a first UK breeding has depended upon the eyes and ears of the administrator and - and this is really crucial for recent records - the willingness of breeders to volunteer their successes. Such breeders, in both private circumstances and public collections, are acknowledged for sharing information of their avicultural milestone achievements.

The major change in this documentation is that the order and nomenclature of species now follow the internationally recognised standard for avian nomenclature of Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds), 2017, IOC World Bird List (v 7.3). doi: 10.14344/IOC.ML.73.

This is not the first time I am again greatly indebted to Dave Coles for honouring me with a labour of love; on this occasion it is to demolish and re-style a timely up-date of his First UK Breeding Records, formally known as FIRST BREEDING RECORDS FOR BIRDS REARED TO INDEPENDENCE UNDER CONTROLLED CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.

Reuben B Girling Mount Hawke, Cornwall 23 December 2017



It is requested that information detailing a new first UK breeding should be e-mailed to the Secretary of the Avicultural Society; kateatwell@googlemail.com.

Also sought is clarification of the uncertainties in the current text, especially that of dates, breeders, reference sources and, from the eagle-eyed, typographical errors.

Responding to this request will greatly assist in compiling and maintaining the currency and accuracy of this unique avicultural record. Thank you!


eeoeeoec0eese3<«eeeseteWweweeeeeeereeeeeeweeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee em emllcemlUlcmUCUCOmUCOmUCUCM CUCU OOCUCUcMhCUMOHmChUMOChUchHChUh Hh


Whilst the common names of species used are almost entirely those within the afore-mentioned [OC World Bird List, the common names of a few species have been chosen to follow UK-English avicultural parlance.

As a singular example, that actually covers several species, some ‘Parrots’ are here named as ‘Conures’. It is hoped the overall nomenclature is beneficial to the UK readership.


Accentors 133 African and New World Parrots 116

African Barbets 108 Asian Barbets 108° Auks 108 Australasian Wrens 121 Babblers 123 Barn Owls Livdh Bearded Reedling 12 Bee-eaters U3 Birds-of-paradise 122 Bowerbirds AI Bulbuls 1S

Buntings and New World Sparrows 135

Bushshrikes 121 Bushtits 18 Bustards 105 Buttonquail 106

Caracaras and Falcons 108 Cardinals & Grosbeaks 137 Cassowaries and Emus 96 Cettia Bush Warblers 128 Chachalacas, Guans and Curassows 100

Chats and

Old World Flycatchers 128 Cisticolas 1s) Cockatoos 108 Cormorants and Shags 104 Cotingas 121 Cranes 106 Crows and Jays 121 Cuckoos 111 Ducks, Geese and Swans 96 Fairy-bluebirds 126 Figbirds and Orioles 1 Finches 13S Flamingos 103 Frogmouths LZ

Fulvettas and Ground Babblers 123 Gannets and Boobies 104

Grassbirds 123 Grebes 103 Ground Hornbills 113 Guineafowl 101 Gulls, Terns & Skimmers 108 Hamerkop 104 Herons and Bitterns 104 Honeyeaters Al Hoopoes 113 Hornbills ug Hummingbirds 112

Ibises and Spoonbills 104 Indigobirds & Whydahs 133 Jacanas 108 Kingfishers ig Kites, Hawks, Vultures

and Eagles 104 Lapwings and Plovers 106

Larks 122 Laughingthrushes 2S Leaf Warblers 123 Leafbirds 129

Longspurs and Snowbuntings 137

Magpie Goose 96 Manakins 121 Megapodes 100 Mockingbirds and

Thrashers 126 Monarchs 121 Motmots Wg) Mousebirds ee New World Barbets 113 New World Quail 101

New World Vultures 104 New Zealand Parrots 108

Nuthatches 126 Old World Parrots 118 Old World Sparrows

and Snowfinches 129 Oropendolas, Orioles

and Blackbirds 135

Ostriches 96

Owls 111





Pigeons and Doves


Rails, Gallinules & Coots

Reed Warblers








Snipe, Curlews and Sandpipers


Stilts and Avocets

Stone-curlews & Thick-knees




Sylviid Babblers




Tits and Chickadees

Toucan Barbets





Tyrant Flycatchers

Wagtails and Pipits

Waxbills and Munias


Weavers & Widowbirds


Wood Hoopoes


Woodswallows and

106 104 103 101 108 Al 105 123

96 112 108

96 104 105 Al

108 126 106 106 104 129 105 125 135 127

96 Ie 113 113 126 106 111 121 133 130 ZZ WS IZD 13 108

Butcherbirds 121


ee ee ee me ee ea ee ee em ee ee es eee er ee eee ee ee ees se ee eee es es ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee eee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee


Year Bred

? = unknown; ?1834 = considered to be 1834; <1826 = pre-1826; c1660 = approximate year 1660

Breeder’s names and Establishments ? = unknown; BGs = Bird Gardens; WP = Wildlife Park; WWT = Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust


Evidential Source (with publication year, volume or issue, and page number)

aA kh WN =

Personal communication by the breeder

Personal communication by someone other than the breeder

Record of Birds of Prey Bred in Captivity AA Prestwich 1955

Record of Parrots Bred in Captivity AA Prestwich 1950

Illustrated Book of Canaries and Cage-Birds, British and Foreign WA Blakston, W Swaysland and August F Wiener

Foreign Bird Keeping AG Butler [c1900]

Avicultural Magazine magazine of the Avicultural Society (1894-)

Avicultural Society Breeding Register

Aviornis magazine of Aviornis International

Beak & Claw magazine of the Foreign Bird Association

Bird Notes Foreign Bird Club journal for the study of all species of birds in freedom and captivity Cage & Aviary Birds weekly newspaper

Captive Breeding of Diurnal Birds of Prey British Falconers’ Club & The Hawk Trust Columbidae published by the Pigeon and Dove Society

Chester Zoo News and Guide Chester Zoo

Dodo journal (pre-1977 are Annual Reports) of Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust Records of Birds Bred in Captivity Emelius Hopkinson 1926

The Estrildian magazine of the Estrildid Forum

Foreign Birds magazine of the Foreign Bird League

Register of Birds Bred in the UK...Controlled Conditions...Foreign Bird Federation Feathered World newspaper

Gleanings from the Menagerie and Aviary at Knowsley Hall privately printed, Knowsley 1846 The Grassfinch magazine of the Australian Finch Society

Favourite Foreign Birds for Cages and Aviaries WT Greene [1891] https://h2g2.com/edited_entry/A 14540447 (internet)

Annual Report The Hawk Trust

Ibis international journal of ornithology British Ornithologists’ Union International Zoo News

International Zoo Yearbook

Lories and Lorikeets, the brush-tongued parrots Rosemary Low 1977

Lovebirds and Related Parrots GA Smith 1979

London Zoo Annual Report

Management of Laughingthrushes in Captivity privately printed, D Coles 2000 Otis magazine of the Great Bustard Group

Pheasants of the World J Delacour 1951

Parrot Society Breeding Register

Parrot Society Magazine

Parrots: Their Care and Breeding Rosemary Low 1980

Proceedings of Owl Symposium 1981

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London

PsittaScene World Parrot Trust newsletter

Ratel journal of the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers

A Catalogue of the Menagerie and Aviary at Knowsley formed by the late Earl of Derby...1851 United Kingdom Foreign Cage Bird Society

Waterfowl of the World J Delacour 1954

Wildfowl WWT Slimbridge

Wildfowl News WWT Slimbridge

World Pheasant Association newsletter

Annual Report WWT https://www.riverbanks.org/subsite/pact/husbandry%20review.doc (internet)

Zoo Crack newsletter Belfast Zoo

Zoo Federation News

The Zoologist monthly journal of natural history, London (1843-1916)

National media

Several references 95


OSTRICHES Struthionidae 1973 Woburn Park

RHEAS Rheidae 1841 Sir Robert Heron 1906 Woburn Park

CASSOWARIES AND EMU Casuariidae Southern Cassowary Casuarius casuarius 1967 Edinburgh Zoo Dwarf Cassowary C. bennetti 1864 London Zoo Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae <1826 Windsor Park

TINAMOUS Tinamidae

Ostrich Struthio camelus

Greater Rhea Rhea americana Darwin’s Rhea R. pennata

Grey Tinamou Jinamus tao 1960 London Zoo Great Tinamou 7. major 1963 Paignton Zoo Tataupa Tinamou Crypturellus tataupa 1904 D Seth-Smith Red-winged Tinamou Rhynchotus rufescens 1867 London Zoo Chilean Tinamou Nothoprocta perdicaria 1929 W Shore-Baily Brushland Tinamou N. cinerascens 1924 W Shore-Baily Spotted Tinamou Nothura maculosa 1888 London Zoo Elegant Crested Tinamou Eudromia elegans 1893 London Zoo SCREAMERS Anhimidae

Southern Screamer Chauna torquata 1904 London Zoo

MAGPIE GOOSE Anseranatidae Magpie Goose Anseranas semipalmata 1956 WWT Slimbridge


White-faced Whistling Duck Dendrocygna viduata 1914 C Mclean/H Wormald Northern Black-bellied Whistling Duck D. autumnalis fulgens 1930 Lilford Park Southern Black-bellied Whistling Duck D. a. autumnalis 1950 WWT Slimbridge

Spotted Whistling Duck D. guttata West Indian Whistling Duck D. arborea Fulvous Whistling Duck D. bicolor Plumed Whistling Duck D. eytoni Wandering Whistling Duck D. arcuata Lesser Whistling Duck D. javanica

1959 WWT Slimbridge 1932 Lilford Park 1872 London Zoo 1967 Leckford Estate 1939 Leckford Estate 1975 WWT Slimbridge

African White-backed Duck Thalassornis leuconotus leuconotus 1974 WWT Slimbridge

Madagascar White-backed Duck 7. /. insularis 1933 A Ezra

Cape Barren Goose Cereopsis novaehollandiae novaehollandiae <1\1826 Windsor Park

Recherche Island Goose C. 7. grisea 1983 WWT Martin Mere Black Brant Goose Branta bernicla orientalis 1958 WWT Slimbridge Dark-bellied Brant Goose B. b. bernicla 1953 Dr REM Pilcher Light-bellied Brant Goose B. b. hrota 1962 J Williams Red-breasted Goose B. ruficollis 1926 Woburn Park Nene B. sandvicensis 1824 Lord Derby Vancouver Canada Goose B. canadensis fulva 1962 WWT Slimbridge Giant Canada Goose B. c. maxima 1963 WWT Slimbridge Lesser Canada Goose B. c. parvipes 1968 WWT Slimbridge Moffitt’s Canada Goose B. c. moffitti 1949 WWT Slimbridge Todd’s Canada Goose B. c. interior 1951 WWT Slimbridge Atlantic Canada Goose B. c. canadensis c1660 St James’s Park Barnacle Goose B. Jeucopsis 1848 London Zoo Aleutian Canada Goose B. hutchinsii leucopareia 1941 A Ezra

Cackling Canada Goose B. h. minima c1900 Woburn Park Taverner’s Canada Goose B. h. taverneri 1952 WWT Slimbridge Hutchin’s Canada Goose B. h. hutchinsii 1909 Woburn Park



46 46


1841:79 1906:306

1968:181 1864:271

1960:46 5:349 1904:285 1867:6 1929:251 1925:18 1888:37 1893:45



pals 1932:47 1950-51:38 1958-59:11 1934:240 1872:45 1968:52 1940:67 BUENO 26:174 1933:361

Sumr:1983 1957-58:7 1953-54:51 No.75:9 1927:19 1:149 1950-51:38 1962-63:13 20:161 1949-50:46 1951-52:55

1848:15 1948-49:37 TG 1952-53:36 1910:36

Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus

Emperor Goose A. canagicus

Ross’s Goose A. rossii

Lesser Snow Goose A. caerulescens caerulescens Greater Snow Goose A. c. atlanticus

Western Greylag Goose A. anser anser

Eastern Greylag Goose A. a. rubrirostris

Swan Goose 4. cygnoides

Western Taiga Bean Goose A. fabalis fabalis Pink-footed Goose A. brachyrhynchus

Russian Tundra Bean Goose AZ. serrirostris rossicus

Eastern Bean Goose 4. s. serrirostris

Greenland White-fronted Goose A. albifrons flavirostris

Greater White-fronted Goose A. a. albifrons Tule White-fronted Goose A. a. elgasi Pacific White-fronted Goose A. a. frontalis Lesser White-fronted Goose A. erythropus Coscoroba Swan Coscoroba coscoroba Black Swan Cygnus atratus

Black-necked Swan C. melancoryphus

Mute Swan C. olor

Trumpeter Swan C. buccinator

Tundra Swan C. columbianus columbianus Bewick’s Swan C. c. bewickii

Jankowski’s Swan C. c. jankowskii Whooper Swan C. cygnus

Freckled Duck Stictonetta naevosa

Blue Duck Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos Falkland Steamer Duck Tachyeres brachypterus

Spur-winged Goose Plectropterus gambensis gambensis

Black Spur-winged Goose P. g. niger

Comb Duck Sarkidiornis sylvicola Knob-billed Duck S. melanotos

Blue-winged Goose Cyanochen cyanoptera Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca Orinoco Goose Neochen jubata

Andean Goose Chloephaga melanoptera Lesser Upland Goose C. picta picta

Greater Upland Goose C. p. /eucoptera Kelp Goose C. hybrida

Ashy-headed Goose C. poliocephala Ruddy-headed Goose C. rubidiceps Common Shelduck T7adorna tadorna Radjah Shelduck 7. radjah radjah Australian Radjah Shelduck T. 7. rufitergum Ruddy Shelduck T. ferruginea

South African Shelduck 7. cana

Australian Shelduck 7. tadornoides Paradise Shelduck T. variegata

Pink-eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus Muscovy Duck Cairina moschata White-winged Wood Duck Asarcornis scutulata Hartlaub’s Duck Pteronetta hartlaubii Carolina Duck Aix sponsa

Mandarin Duck A. galericulata

Maned Goose Chenonetta jubata

1976 WWT Slimbridge/CJS Marler


1921 HD Astley ? Woburn Park

c1930 R & N Stevens c1900 Woburn Park

? Woburn Park

? Long bred (dom) 1951 WWT Slimbridge 1937 R & N Stevens 1942 F Mosford 1872 C Smith 1963 WWT Slimbridge 1975 WWT Slimbridge 1955 WWT Slimbridge 1843 London Zoo 1975 J Hall 1971 WWT Slimbridge 1918 WH St Quintin 1913 Woburn Park

c1837 London Zoo

1857 London Zoo ? Long bred 1870 London Zoo

1914 Woburn Park 1997 K Zabell

1839 London Zoo

1992 WWT Slimbridge 1988 WWT Arundel 1975 WWT Slimbridge 1933 Whipsnade Zoo 1971 CJS Marler

1956 WWT Slimbridge 1931 Lilford Park

1943 Leckford Estate

c1837 London Zoo

1844 Lord Derby

1915 London Zoo

1901 London Zoo 1852 London Zoo 1992 Birdland

1852 London Zoo

1862 London Zoo

1848 London Zoo 1980 WWT Slimbridge 1940 Leckford Estate 1860 London Zoo 1930 St James’s Park 1939 Lilford Park

1865 London Zoo 1980 WWT Slimbridge

c1940 ?

1971 WWT Slimbridge 1959 WWT Slimbridge 1833 London Zoo 1833 London Zoo 1910 London Zoo

49 45 49 53 49

OA 1:140 1938:106 L182 1:134

1951-52:56 1:98 1948-49:37 1872:3243 1962-63:13

46 27:170



17 p.123



46 23:137

i 7 32 32 35 32 8 7 1 45

LOMO DS 1914:53 1837:17 SSH

1870:30 1976:7 1933:100


46 44:21] 46 40:149 46 27:172

7 29 49


7 32 2D


7 32

7 45 32 32


1 297) 1954-56:40 1932:47 1944:16 NSS,

1916:30 1903:184 1852:14 1992:196 LEDS 1862:20 1848:15

148) Deas TS)

7 32 45

7 32



1940:213 1860:19 1:248 193892202 1865:22 1981:115 1941:136

46 22:135

49 32 32


1958-59:12 LSSSistZ USSSgiZ ONO B37




Swan Goose A. cygnoides by Joe Blossom

African Pygmy Goose Nettapus auritus

Cotton Pygmy Goose N. coromandelianus

Lesser Brazilian Teal Amazonetta brasiliensis brasiliensis Greater Brazilian Teal A. b. ipecutiri

Ringed Teal Callonetta leucophrys

Andean Crested Duck Lophonetta specularioides alticola Patagonian Crested Duck L. s. specularioides Bronze-winged Duck Speculanas specularis Baikal Teal Sibirionetta formosa

Garganey Spatula querquedula

Hottentot Teal S. hottentota

Puna Teal S. puna

Versicolor Teal S. versicolor versicolor Southern Versicolor Teal S. v. fretensis

Red Shoveler S. platalea

Northern Cinnamon Teal S. cyanoptera septentrionalium Argentine Cinnamon Teal S. c. cyanoptera Blue-winged Teal S. discors

Cape Shoveler S. smithii

Australian Shoveler S. rhynchotis rhynchotis New Zealand Shoveler S. r. variegata

Northern Shoveler S. clypeata

Gadwall Mareca strepera

Falcated Duck ™. falcata

Eurasian Wigeon M. penelope

Chiloe Wigeon . sibilatrix

American Wigeon M. americana

West African Black Duck A. sparsa leucostigma South African Black Duck A. s. sparsa Abyssinian Yellowbill A. undulata ruppelli South African Yellowbill 4. uv. undulata Meller’s Duck A. melleri

Australasian Grey Duck A. supercilosa rogersi New Zealand Grey Duck A. s. superciliosa Pelew Island Grey Duck 4. s. pelewensis Laysan Duck A. laysanensis

Hawaiian Duck 4. wyvilliana

Philippine Duck A. /uzonica

Indian Spot-billed Duck A. poecilorhyncha poecilorhyncha Chinese Spotbill 4. zonorhyncha

Common Mallard 4. platyrhynchos platyrhynchos Greenland Mallard A. p. conboschas

Florida Duck A. fulvigula fulvigula

Mottled Duck A. f maculosa

American Black Duck A. rubripes

Mexican Duck A. diazi

Cape Teal A. capensis

Lesser Bahama Pintail A. bahamensis bahamensis Greater Bahama Pintail A. 6. rubrirostris

Red-billed Teal 4. erythrorhyncha

Chilean Pintail 4. georgica spinicauda

South Georgia Pintail A. g. georgica

Eaton's Pintail A. eatoni

Northern Pintail A. acuta

Eurasian Teal A. crecca crecca

Green-winged Teal A. carolinensis

Sharp-winged Teal A. flavirostris oxyptera 99

1988 W Makins

1989 W Makins

1878 London Zoo 1962 WWT Slimbridge 1914 H Wormald

1948 Leckford Estate 1964 WWT Slimbridge 1964 WWT Slimbridge 1840 London Zoo 1849 London Zoo 1938 R & N Stevens 1943 Leckford Estate 1908 Woburn Park 1976 WWT Slimbridge

1934 H Wormald/C Mclean

? H Wormald 1952 WWT Slimbridge 1914 H Wormald 1952 WWT Slimbridge 1975 WWT Slimbridge 1961 WWT Slimbridge 1852 London Zoo 1848 London Zoo 1916 WH St Quintin 1870 London Zoo 1871 London Zoo 1906 WH St Quintin 1981 K Zabell 1953 WWT Slimbridge 1961 WWT Slimbridge 1853 London Zoo 1931 A Ezra 1867 London Zoo

1959 Peakirk Waterfowl World

1968 WWT Slimbridge 1959 WWT Slimbridge 1951 WWT Slimbridge 1952 Leckford Estate 1874 London Zoo 1958 WWT Slimbridge ? Long bred (dom) 1977 WWT Slimbridge 1949 WWT Slimbridge 1949 WWT Slimbridge 1911 London Zoo 1969 J Williams 1939 C Mclean

c1850 Lord Derby

? Long bred 1856 London Zoo 1872 London Zoo 1983 WWT Slimbridge 1962 WWT Slimbridge 1848 London Zoo 1850 London Zoo 1924 H Wormald 1954 WWT Slimbridge

1878:26 1961-62:14 1914:334 1948:196 1963-64:12 1963-64:13 2:104 1849:18 1938:105 1944:16 1908:328 18:338 2:179 p.132 1952-53:41 1914:335 1952-53:41 17:270 1960-61:10 1852:14 1848:15 1917:249 1870:30 1871:33 1907:203

1952-53:41 1960-61:10 1853:13 2:68 1867:36 1958-59:15 20:162 1958-59:12 1951-52:55 1953:11 1874:26 1957-58:8

129:173 1949-50:48 1949-50:48 BEND 29:138 1940:151 Lot 611?

1856:18 1872:45 1983:259 1961-62:14 1848:15 1850:16 LODS 5 DROS

Chilean Teal 4. £ flavirostris

Andaman Grey Teal A. albogularis

Grey Teal A. gracilis

Chestnut Teal A. castanea

Madagascar Teal A. bernieri

Brown Teal A. chlorotis

Marbled Teal Marmaronetta angustirostris Red-crested Pochard Netta rufina Rosybill NV. peposaca

African Pochard N. erythrophthalma brunnea

Southern Pochard N. erythrophthalma Canvasback Aythya valisineria

Redhead A. americana

Common Pochard A. ferina

Hardhead A. australis

Madagascan Pochard A. innotata

Baer’s Pochard A. baeri

Ferruginous Duck A. nyroca

New Zealand Scaup A. novaeseelandiae Ring-necked Duck 4. co/laris

Tufted Duck A. fuligula

Greater Scaup A. marila

Lesser Scaup A. affinis

Steller’s Eider Polysticta stelleri Spectacled Eider Somateria fischeri King Eider S. spectabilis

Pacific Eider S. mollissima v-nigrum American Eider S. m. dresseri

Faeroe Eider S. m. faeroeensis

Common Eider S. m. mollissima Harlequin Duck Histrionicus histrionicus Velvet Scoter Melanitta fusca White-winged Scoter . deglandi European Black Scoter M. nigra Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis Bufflehead Bucephala albeola

Common Goldeneye B. clangula clangula American Goldeneye B. c. americana Barrow’s Goldeneye B. islandica

Smew Mergellus albellus

Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus Goosander Mergus merganser merganser American Merganser M. m. americanus Red-breasted Merganser M. serrator Scaly-sided Merganser M. squamatus Black-headed Duck Heteronetta atricapilla Ruddy Duck Oxyura jamaicensis

Lake Duck O. vittata

Maccoa Duck O. maccoa

White-headed Duck O. leucocephala

1909 1909 1882 1909 1998 1960 c1900 c1850 1873 1951 1961 1924 1924 1872 1959 1935 1964 1908 1958 y 1848 1924 1924 1997 1976 1961 1978 1981 1995 1841 1979 1975 1997 1975 1971 1970 c1932 1957 1937 1935 1962 1956 1975 1958 2008 1977 1937 1975 1974 1973

London Zoo London Zoo London Zoo London Zoo

Durrell Wildlife Park

WWT Slimbridge Lilford Park

Lord Derby London Zoo Leckford Estate WWT Slimbridge H Wormald

H Wormald

C Smith

WWT Slimbridge 9

WWT Slimbridge WH St Quintin WWT Slimbridge A Ezra

London Zoo

H Wormald

H Wormald

K Zabell

WWT Slimbridge WWT Slimbridge K Zabell

I Grahame

K Zabell

London Zoo

Sir Max Williams WWT Slimbridge K Zabell

K Zabell

B Locker-Lampson

Sir Max Williams A Ezra

WWT Slimbridge R & N Stevens

R & N Stevens RA Copley WWT Slimbridge WWT Slimbridge WWT Slimbridge

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust

WWT Slimbridge R & N Stevens

WWT Slimbridge WWT Slimbridge WWT Slimbridge

MEGAPODES Megapodiidae

Australian Brushturkey Alectura lathami


Plain Chachalaca Ortalis vetula Grey-headed Chachalaca O. cinereiceps Little Chachalaca O. motmot


1914 ?

London Zoo

R Suggitt Ms S Lawton



& Bb BS ON Oo


11 1

1976 Chessington Zoo/Kilverstone WP 29


1882:36 1909:51 10/10/98:2 1959-60:8 2:143

Lot 629 1873:24 3:56 1960-61:10 3:60 1925:150 1872:3242 1960:69 1939:135 1963-64:12 1909:147 1957-58:6 1941:142 1848:15 1925:150 3:84

28:174 1960-61:10

1841:18 M Ounsted Pea

1972:1 1971:58 1939:135 1956-57:23 1938:104 1939:96 1962:166 1954-56:42 27:174 1957-58:9 Ms C Kelley 1977:16 1938:104 BPMN 1975:5 SRS




Marail Guan Penelope marail 1986 Kilverstone WP 2 P Loncombe

Crested Guan P. purpurascens 1969 HJ Horswell 29 11:300 Spix’s Guan P. jacquacu c1850 Lord Derby 43 Lot 466 Blue-throated Piping Guan Pipile cumanensis 1981 Kilverstone WP 29 23:284 Nocturnal Curassow Nothocrax urumutum 2001 Birdworld 12 9/3/01:42 Horned Curassow Pauwxi unicornis 1998 Birdworld 7 1998:152 Great Curassow Crax rubra 1834 Sir Robert Heron 40 1835:1

Yellow-knobbed Curassow C. daubentoni 1997 Old House Bird Gardens 2 S Bishop

Black Curassow C. alector 1834 London Zoo 32 1834:14 Wattled Curassow C. globules 18"C Osterley Park 7 1926:81 Sclater’s Bare-faced Curassow C. fasciolata sclateri 1966 Chester Zoo 7 1966:168 Red-billed Curassow C. blumenbachii 2004 Chester Zoo 7 2005:130

GUINEAFOWL Numididae Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris ? Long bred (dom) 55 Kenya Crested Guineafowl Guttera pucherani pucherani 1911 GH Gurney Ue UQMNAS) Black-crested Guineafowl G. p. edouardi 1995 Birdworld Y USSR 7

Vulturine Guineafowl Acryllium vulturinum 1884 JC Parr LOTS 298 NEW WORLD QUAIL Odontophoridae Mountain Quail Oreortyx pictus 1938 A Ezra TU USBSSZYS Scaled Quail Callipepla squamata 1905 A Trevor-Battye 7 1906:117 Elegant Quail C. douglasii 1912 London Zoo 874 STZ) Californian Quail C. californica 1856 London Zoo 32 1856:14 Gambel’s Quail C. gambelii 1873 London Zoo 32 1873:24 Northern Bobwhite Colinus virginianus c1837 London Zoo 874 BSUS Cuban Bobwhite C. v. cubanensis 1911 HD Astley 7 1911:367 Masked Bobwhite C. v. ridgwayi 1984 G Robbins 1 Black-breasted Bobwhite C. v. pectoralis 1910 London Zoo 17 p.161 Spot-bellied Bobwhite C. /eucopogon 1910 WE Teschemaker 11 1910:319

Crested Bobwhite C. cristatus cristatus 1985 J Gorham/A Swales 2 G Robbins Montezuma Quail Cyrtonyx montezumae 1989 C Garnham/G Robbins 1

PHEASANTS and Allies Phasianidae

Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo 1851 Lord Derby 43 Lots 503-4

Ocellated Turkey M. ocellata 1940 Leckford Estate 7 1941:43 Western Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus 1848 London Zoo 32 1848:15 Black Grouse Lyrurus tetrix 1840 London Zoo Y USN Dusky Grouse Dendragapus obscurus 1996 K Chalmers- Watson 1

Pinnated Prairie Chicken 7ympanuchus cupido pinnatus 1966 Ely Game Station TASCTASS Rock Ptarmigan Lagopus muta 1968 Nature Conservancy, Banchory 7 1969:260 Red Grouse L. /agopus scotica 1912 H Wormald 7et930:97 Willow Grouse L. /. lagopus 1909 London Zoo 7 1909:294 Himalayan Snowcock Tetraogallus himalayensis 1981 K Howman 48 17

Rock Partridge Alectoris graeca saxatilis 1905 London Zoo 32 1905:35 Chukar Partridge 4. chukar 1872 London Zoo 32 1872:45 Philby’s Partridge A. philbyi 1996 C Birch 1

Barbary Partridge A. barbara c1850 Lord Derby dpe

Red-legged Partridge A. rufa 1855 London Zoo 32 1855:14 Arabian Partridge A. melanocephala 1927 H Whitley Y WEBS) Sand Partridge Ammoperdix heyi 1905 A Trevor-Battye 7 1905:263 Black Francolin Francolinus francolinus 1908 C Barnby-Smith 7 1908:343 Grey Francolin F. pondicerianus 1927 M Amsler ODA EL SS Crested Francolin Dendroperdix sephaena 1983 I Burgess 2 G Robbins Hildebrandt’s Francolin Pternistis hildebrandti 1986 A Swales 1 Double-spurred Francolin P. bicalcaratus ? EGB Meade-Waldo I MNOSSals2 Clapperton’s Francolin P. clappertoni 1843 Lord Derby 22

Erckel’s Francolin P. erckelii 1963 London Zoo 7 N9633170


Red-billed Francolin P. adspersus Cape Francolin P. capensis

Natal Francolin P. natalensis Yellow-necked Spurfowl P. /eucoscepus Red-necked Spurfowl P. afer

Grey Partridge Perdix perdix

Madagascan Partridge Margaroperdix madagarensis

Common Quail Coturnix coturnix Japanese Quail C. japonica

Rain Quail C. coromandelica Harlequin Quail C. delegorguei Stubble Quail C. pectoralis

New Guinea Swamp Quail C. ypsilophora plumbea

Brown Quail C. y. australis

King Quail Excalfactoria chinensis Jungle Bush Quail Perdicula asiatica Rock Bush Quail P. argoondah

Painted Bush Quail P. erythrorhyncha Hill Partridge Arborophila torqueola Bar-backed Partridge A. brunneopectus White-necklaced Partridge A. gingica Sumatran Partridge A. sumatrana Chestnut-bellied Partridge 4. javanica Crested Partridge Rollulus rouloul Mountain Bamboo Partridge Bambusicola fytchii Chinese Bamboo Partridge B. thoracicus Taiwan Bamboo Partridge B. sonorivox Painted Spurfowl Galloperdix lunulata Blood Pheasant /thaginis cruentus

Satyr Tragopan Tragopan satyra

Blyth’s Tragopan 7. blythii

Temminck’s Tragopan 7. temminckii Cabot’s Tragopan T. caboti

Koklass Pheasant Pucrasia macrolopha macrolopha

Darwin’s Koklass Pheasant P. m. darwini Himalayan Monal Lophophorus impejanus Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus

Grey Junglefowl G. sonneratii

Sri Lanka Junglefowl G. /afayettii

Green Junglefowl G. varius

White-crested Kalij Lophura leucomelanos hamiltonii

Nepal Kalij L. 1. leucomelanos Black-backed Kalij L. /. melanota Black Kalij L. 1. moffitti Black-breasted Kalij L. /. lathami Lineated Kalij L. /. lineata Crawfurd’s Kalij L. /. crawfurdii Silver Pheasant L. nycthemera nycthemera Jones’s Silver Pheasant L. n. jonesi Berlioz’s Silver Pheasant L. n. berliozi Bel’s Silver Pheasant L. n. beli Lewis’s Silver Pheasant L. n. lewisi Edwards’s Pheasant L. edwardsi Vietnamese Pheasant L. hatinhensis Swinhoe’s Pheasant L. swinhoii Salvadori’s Pheasant L. inornata

Crestless Fireback L. erythrophthalma erythrophthalma 1975 D Sharp/T Winstanley 102

1963 Durrell Wildlife Park

c1850 Lord Derby

1982 G Robbins 1905 W Ingram 1973 Durrell Wildlife Park 1908 London Zoo 1931 A Ezra 1922 W Shore-Baily ? Long bred (dom)

1903 LM Seth-Smith/P Thorniley

1906 D Seth-Smith 1906 D Seth-Smith 1922 W Shore-Baily 1905 D Seth-Smith 1898 EGB Meade-Waldo 1964 JH Reay

1910 WE Teschemaker 1973 Winged World 1914 C Barnby-Smith 1985 A Swales

1996 Mr & Mrs Vella 1990 G Robbins

1991 C Foley

1927 W Whitley 1932 A Ezra

1869 London Zoo 1930 A Ezra

1964 AJ Swain

1971 I Grahame

1863 London Zoo 1938 Leckford Estate 1869 London Zoo 1901 WH St Quintin 1960 FEB Johnson 1878 London Zoo

c1850 Lord Derby

? Long bred (dom)

c1837 London Zoo

1874 London Zoo 1923 HD Astley 1858 London Zoo

7 1964:72 43 Lot 512

8 1982:14 7 1905:352 7 1973:204 32 1908:52 7 1931:304 1922051 55

7 1903:366,377 7 1907:28 1907:29 1922:192 1905:363 1899:1 1965:2 1910:315 1974:155 MONS NS) G Robbins



SAYS) 1932:317 1869:25 1930:298 1965:4 1971:195 1863:24 1939:28 1869:25 NIO2Z 3S 1960:251 32 1878:27 43 Lots 508-9 55

SZ eUSSMali, 32 1874:27 17 p.157

32 1858:29


o) SIA NAN AAA NN Ye eB eS he YW YS YW YT YS = ~)


? Likely as early as other races

1858 London Zoo 1952 London Zoo 1857 London Zoo 1865 London Zoo 1996 ?

18thC Sir Hans Sloane 1999 Old House Bird Gardens 1993 Old House Bird Gardens

1933 London Zoo

1999 Old House Bird Gardens

1938 Leckford Estate

1997 Old House Bird Gardens

1867 London Zoo 1996 B Hainsworth

32 1858:29 TNS 220 40 1859:544 32 1865:23 20 1996:7 35 p.175

2 S Bishop 2 S Bishop 32 1933:60 2 S Bishop T9383 928 2 S Bishop 32 1867:36 1

48 and 1

1999 Old House Bird Gardens

1953 London Zoo

2000 Old House Bird Gardens c1845 Lord Derby

1926 London Zoo

1970 Pheasant Trust

1969 Durrell Wildlife Park

1867 London Zoo

Bornean Crestless Fireback L. e. pyronota Vieillot’s Crested Fireback L. ignita rufa Delacour’s Fireback L. 1. macartneyi

Bornean Crested Fireback L. 7. ignita

Siamese Fireback L. diardi

White Eared Pheasant C. crossoptilon crossoptilon White Eared Pheasant C. c. (ssp)

Brown Eared Pheasant C. mantchuricum

Blue Eared Pheasant C. auritum

Cheer Pheasant Catreus wallichii

Elliot’s Pheasant Syrmaticus ellioti

Mrs Hume’s Pheasant S. humiae

Mikado Pheasant S. mikado

Scintillating Copper Pheasant Syrmaticus soemmerringii scintillans 1907 London Zoo

1858 London Zoo 1910 London Zoo 1962 FEB Johnson

Soemmerring’s Copper Pheasant S. s. soemmerrii 1865 London Zoo Ijima Copper Pheasant S. s. ijimae 1966 J Rawlings Reeves’s Pheasant S. reevesii 1867 London Zoo

Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus ? Long bred (dom)

Persian Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. persicus 1996 Old House Bird Gardens Prince of Wales’s Pheasant P. c. principalis 1903 Col Sunderland Zarudny’s Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. zarudnyi 1995 Old House Bird Gardens Kirghiz Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. mongolicus 1901 Lord Rothschild Strauch’s Pheasant P. c. strauchi 1997 Old House Bird Gardens Satchu Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. satscheuensis 1906 London Zoo

Stone’s Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. elegans 1999 Old House Bird Gardens Chinese Ring-necked Pheasant P. c. torquatus 1995 Old House Bird Gardens Green Pheasant P. versicolor 1845 Lord Derby

Golden Pheasant Chrysolophus pictus 18thC ?

Lady Amhersts’s Pheasant C. amherstiae 1876 London Zoo

Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron chalcurum 1981 K Howman/G Robbins

Mountain Peacock-Pheasant P. inopinatum 1993 Birdworld Germain’s Peacock-Pheasant P. germaini 1975 I Grahame Grey Peacock-Pheasant P. bicalcaratum 1866 London Zoo Malay Peacock-Pheasant P. malacense 1976 I Grahame Palawan Peacock-Pheasant P. napoleonis 1939 Leckford Estate Crested Argus Pheasant Rheinardia ocellata ocellata 1936 London Zoo Great Argus Pheasant Argusianus argus 1878 London Zoo Blue Peafowl Pavo cristatus 1851 Lord Derby Green Peafowl P. muticus spicifer 1878 London Zoo Congo Peafowl Afropavo congensis 1972 Durrell Wildlife Park PENGUINS Spheniscidae

King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua 1937 Edinburgh Zoo Chinstrap Penguin P. antarcticus 1952 Edinburgh Zoo Southern Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes chrysocome chrysocome 1965 Birdland Northern Rockhopper Penguin £. moseleyi 1992 Hillside Bird Oasis Macaroni Penguin E. chrysolophus 1936 Edinburgh Zoo African Penguin Spheniscus demersus 1906 London Zoo Magellanic Penguin S. magellanicus 1951 London Zoo Humboldt Penguin S. humboldti 1958 Whipsnade Zoo

GREBES Podicipedidae Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis ruficollis 1934 F Meaden

FLAMINGOS Phoenicopteridae Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus 1968 WWT Slimbridge American Flamingo P. ruber 1972 WWT Slimbridge

1919 Edinburgh Zoo


c1940 ?, probably several breeders

1913 Mrs Johnstone/London Zoo

46 46

S Bishop 1954:95 S Bishop

NOSSH33 p.231 1969:36 1879:118

1858:29 1910:230 1964:22 1915:265 1907:41 1865:22 1967:8 1867:36

S Bishop p.277

S Bishop p.280

S Bishop p.156

S Bishop S Bishop 1854:17 p.304 1876:32 1981:11 1995:75 1975:18 1879:116 1976:22 1940:68 1936:37 1879:114 Lots 482-3 1878:26 14:348

1920:63 E Leonard E Leonard 7:376

J Horton E Leonard 1906:39 1951:18 1958:49

20:162 24:174

Chilean Flamingo P. chilensis Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor 1999 Hillside Bird Oasis Andean Flamingo Phoenicoparrus andinus 1969 WWT Slimbridge

STORKS Ciconiidae 1983 CJS Marler 1987 Cotswold Wildlife Park 1979 London Zoo 2017 London Zoo

1969 WWT Slimbridge

Painted Stork Mycteria leucocephala Black Stork Ciconia nigra

Abdim’s Stork C. abdimii Woolly-necked Stork C. episcopus White Stork C. ciconia 1901 London Zoo

Marabou Stork Leptoptilos crumenifer 1999 Blackbrook World of Birds

IBISES AND SPOONBILLS Threskiornithidae African Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus 1877 London Zoo Black-headed Ibis 7. melanocephalus 1979 G Dangerfield Australian White Ibis 7. molucca 1992 Curragh Wildlife Park Straw-necked Ibis 7. spinicollis 1973 Bristol Zoo Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita 1975 Durrell Wildlife Park Southern Bald Ibis G. calvus 2014 Exmoor Zoo Hadada Ibis Bostrychia hagedash 1992 Stagsden Bird Gardens Buff-necked Ibis Theristicus caudatus 1982 Birdland Black-faced Ibis 7. melanopis 1983 Dudley Zoo American White Ibis Eudocimus albus 1900 London Zoo Scarlet Ibis E. ruber 1969 Rode BGs/Bristol Zoo Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus 1895 London Zoo Puna Ibis P. ridgwayi 1983 Dudley Zoo Eurasian Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia 1984 Birdworld African Spoonbill P. alba 1987 Birdworld

HERONS AND BITTERNS Ardeidae Black-capped Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax 1891 London Zoo Western Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis 1962 London Zoo Grey Heron Ardea cinerea 1969 Riber